Series Categories

Men Category 1/Professional (Advanced) Men Category 2 (Intermediate) Men Category 3 (Beginner)
Women Category 1/Professional (Advanced) Women Category 2 (Intermediate) Women Category 3 (Beginner)
Men Age 40-49 (All Categories) Men Age 50+ (All Categories) Women Age 40+ (All Categories)
Boys Age 15-18 Cat 1 (Advanced) Boys Age 15-18 Cat 2/3 (Beginner/Intermediate)  Boys Age 10-14 (All Categories)
Girls Age 15-18 Cat 1 (Advanced) Girls Age 15-18 Cat 2/3 (Beginner/Intermediate) Girls Age 10-14 (All Categories)
Men Singlespeed Women Singlespeed

Feel free to race any category that fits you. Advanced riders in their 40s can race Category 1 or in their age group in any given race. If you’re chasing the series, though, be sure to keep it consistent.