Western Montana Trail Series

The Western Montana Trail Series is all about the ride. We’re expanding on the popular Missoula XC to bring back mountain bike racing like it’s supposed to be: fun. We’re rolling out new races on new trails, and bringing back your old favorites. Look for camping, food, and a cold Big Sky Brewing Co. beer at every event, and a laid back, family friendly vibe. We do this because it’s fun, after all.

Feel free to drop into a single race, or chase glory by racing the entire Western Montana Trail Series.

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Series Rules

Mittower Cross Country - May 21


The course will feature brand new singletrack and a new look at old favorites at Marshall Mountain.

Per Lap

Distance: 8.2 Miles

Climbing: 2544′ Descending: 2544′

Terrain: Intermediate

12 Hours of Lolo - June 11


Purpose-built singletrack right out of Missoula? Yes please.

Per Lap

Distance: ~10 miles

Climbing: 1875′ Descending:1875′

Terrain: Beginner/Intermediate

Missoula XC - June 16-18


Your chance to see how the pros make a living. Punchy climbs and steep descents will make this the longest hour and a half of your life.

Per Lap

Distance: 3.1 miles

Climbing: 1367′ Descending: 1367′

Terrain: Intermediate/Advanced

Philipsburg 46 - July 2


A beautiful tour of winding forest roads and buttery singletrack just outside of Philipsburg!

Distance: 44.75 miles

Climbing: 4598′ Descending: 4582′

Terrain: Intermediate

Seeley Lake 55/35/22 - July 16


Our most beginner friendly event features 70% dirt roads and double track and the most beautiful segments of the iconic Tour Divide!

Distance: 55/35/22 miles

Climbing: 1875′ Descending:1875′

Terrain: Beginner

Ninemile Ridge Trail Gran Fondo - August 13


A supported point to point adventure ride on a trail we bet you haven’t ridden. Bring a spare tube and be sure to thank MTB Missoula for cutting out all those trees! 

Distance: 43.5 Miles

Climbing: 9550′ Descending: 10500′

Terrain: Advanced